About Us

We are now “finally” a small family business, 100% Australian owned and located in Melbourne.

Our Story

Well, I am part of the most important business in my life, my family.

During my 15 year career working in the corporate world, I married my rock and have had 2 amazing, beautiful and sometimes stubborn (well, nearly always) children. Our kids have hit an age where they have begun school, as some of you might relate to, the logistics of school pick-ups/drop-offs and other sports curriculum outside school is quite frantic, together with balancing a full time career is "Mission Impossible", so it was time for a lifestyle change, and more importantly, creating a work life balance that puts our children, and their education as the priority.

So, how do you this? Leap of faith... Bite the bullet

April 2008 is where it all began, the birth of our gorgeous daughter, we started looking closely at the products we were using on her skin, her face and hair – even the products that we ourselves were using. Falling victims to clever advertising campaigns and being driven by “whatever was on sale at the supermarket that week”, we found that we were using products that were not natural and not nourishing our skin.

Unless you have fallen off the face of the planet, you would have noticed an enormous movement over the last couple of years relating to nourishing our bodies internally with natural whole foods given to us from Mother Earth. This is truly a beautiful shift however it is only half the battle. If we care about what goes into our bodies, we must also care about what goes onto our bodies. This has led us to search for products from around the world which nurture our skin and bring us one step closer to nature. We have had a lot of success with these products and hope that you love these products just as much as we do.

Coming from a Greek background, olive oil has played a huge role in my upbringing. I honestly cannot remember not having olive oil in our house! From hair treatments as a teenager, consumed it daily in our meals – from skin conditioning after baths as babies and young children to moisturising dry and chapped lips! And the tradition continues today with my children!

I remember a mother’s group meeting where the maternal health nurse was talking to us about the importance of massaging the baby and told us to use extra virgin olive oil.

The name Eleos

Our products at Eleos have an extra virgin olive oil base or have extra virgin olive oil as one of their main ingredients.

This is why we have formed the name Eleos. A combination of the ancient Greek word for olive which is “elaia” and also named after Eleos – in Greek mythology was the spirit of mercy and compassion; a very important quality we try to instill into our everyday lives.

Our Philosophy

Our goal and focus is quality, so we are committed to offer as much as possible, a pure and natural skincare product range to everyday consumers, at a comparable price. If it’s good for you, it’s good for us, that’s just how we roll.

Pure and Natural

We aim to the best of our ability to ensure that the ingredients in our products are as natural as possible.

Honesty and Trustworthy

We will be transparent with our customers in the few cases where the products contain a fragrance or synthetic ingredients.


We test the products to ensure we are satisfied with the quality before passing them onto our consumers.  We follow a strict "Quality Focused"  criteria to ensure quality is not compromised.


To the best of our ability, we will keep prices as competitive as possible.  Unfortunately external factors (Foreign Exchange rates, Suppliers, Packaging) could cause price impacts, we mitigate this by negotiating with our suppliers to reach our target price, keep packaging as cheap as possible as its the produce we care about, not the packaging.


Our Team

Toula Karambelas

Currently enrolled in Motherhood and committed to our new small adventure, let’s see where it takes me. I’ve always had an interest in the medical benefits of plants, and what earth’s natural gifts have to offer, I am committed to this new venture and will enhance my knowledge by enrolling in a Bachelor of Naturopathy in the very near future.

I am by no means an expert, but simply researching ingredients found on many products I have purchased for personal use and for our children really shocked me, the harsh chemicals that we use daily to moisturise or cleanse our body, it’s frightening.

My Team

My non official business partners aka “My Team”, my husband and children, family and friends, this is my support group who give me the motivation and encouragement to live my dream.

Why choose us?

Why not give our products a go? We understand that everybody’s skin is different. There is no “one size fits all” formula and when it comes to your skin, you have to get it right. We hope that our products are right for you and that you love our range just as much as we do.

We encourage you to compare the ingredients of other skin care products against ours. When choosing skincare products, don’t judge a book by its cover, read the ingredients, and don’t be misled by creative marketing.

Hint: When checking an ingredient list, bear in mind that the list should be in descending order according to Australian labelling requirements. I.e. First ingredient on the list will be the ingredient with the highest content.

Free from Harsh Chemicals

Let’s get to the point, let’s not ignore the importance of nourishing and protecting our skin, for this reason only, our product range is free from harsh chemicals such as the following:

  • Parabens,
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS),
  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES),
  • Petrochemicals
  • Artificial Colours

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, is the basis of all our soaps and a key ingredient in the product range.

  • Olive oil is a skin regenerator and a natural humectant
  • keeps the skin soft and supple
  • Sodium Olivate (Saponified Olive Oil) is very mild and gentle
  • Olive oil contains Squalane.
  • High Vitamin E content in Squalane
  • Squalane is a natural substance found in plants, such as olives, and is also the principal liquid and natural emollient found in human skin. Squalane which has the ability to help the skin to retain moisture while nourishing and providing protection for all skin types, especially dry and sensitive.

So, if Olive oil is so good for our skin and makes such good soap, why aren't all soaps, including handmade soaps made in this way? The simple answer to this is that extra virgin olive oil is a very expensive commodity and for soap-makers outside the olive growing countries, it is very costly to import and to incorporate a high percentage in soap formulations. Unlike many substitute oils used in soaps and skin care products such as palm oil that is the prime reason for de-forestation of the planets rain forests, olive oil is highly sustainable, low impact and not subjected to manipulative scientific intervention as is the case with many crop derived oils such as rapeseed, sunflower and many others.

No Palm Oil

Our products do not contain Palm oil which is a cheap alternative as a main ingredient in producing soap. Palm oil is not bad for you, what is bad is the natural forest being destroyed in replacement of Palm Oil plantations.

The unforgivable establishment of large palm oil plantations is harming our:

Environment - The burning of forests to clear land for palm oil plantations is a major cause of air pollution in Southeast Asia. It releases CO2 into the atmosphere which contributes to global warming. Research shows that 20% of all global carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels come from rainforest destruction.

Wildlife – Deforestation for the establishment of palm oil plantations is responsible for habitat loss for threatened and endangered species. Priority species impacted by forest clearing are the Asian elephant, tiger, Sumatran rhinoceros and the orangutan. The Asian elephant and Bornean orangutan are endangered and the tiger, Sumatran rhinoceros and Sumatran orangutan are Critically Endangered.